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      • 品牌名稱Acafa
      • 官方主頁http://en.acafa.com.tw
      • 瀏覽次數2796
      • 更新日期:2014-04-25 11:21
      About Acafa
      Acafa is the most unique high-end brands that provide Full HD Long-Range AV solutions and create
      high-qualityremote excellent products,leading our customers are able to enjoy the perfect technology.
      We have the most friendly staff and provide you with high-end products, allowing you to enjoy
      like the royal level of service,welcome to join
      Acafa ,enhance HD quality ,we only giving you the most advanced products ,
      it would be our pleasure to serve for you.
      Product Focus
      Acafa provide not only from entry-level to enterprise-class KVM complete product for multi-audio, video
      switcher / splitter and a variety of interfaces extender, but also give the guests quite a variety to choose from.
      PANIO always insisted on product innovation, top quality , positive mental attitude , which makes Acafa
      possess famous reputation in Taiwan and obtain recognition and
      praise through several major manufacturers , depending on the company effort.
      Product diversification is the best superiority for Acafa customer service.
      we will continuously launch many forward-looking product to meet the diverse needs of different consumers.
      Outlook the world are Acafa towards the goal, we have the experience serve in Taiwan,we also let this active
      attitude to serve global customers . Facing considerable change in recent years,
      the industry and the market has become increasingly severe challenges,
      PANIO still positive challenges continue to grow and to seek innovation in
      the sound pragmatic management, to achieve the diversity product of introduction ,
      strengthen marketing and service, to maintain market competitiveness.
      Acafa will with our customer to build jointly the "Sharing Digital Technology"kingdom.
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